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Themed Environment Design

Attraction Design, Simulation Theater Design, StreetScene, Storefront, Facade, Architectural Design, Retail & Dining, Interior Design, Showset Design, Rendering and Concept illustration.

Universal Studios Beijing : Minionland

Minionland : Concept Design, Design Development, Universal Beijing Resort

Concept Sketch Minionmart Section/ Elevation

Paradise Mall Cafe:  Concept Design Sketch Elevation at Queue

Minionland:  Paradise Mall  Restaurant; The Lair  Restaurant/ Retail

UBR:  Jurassic World

Jurassic World  Retail and Dining Interior Design

Universal's Islands of Adventure, Orlando, FL

Marvel Superhero Island

Seuss Landing

Cat in the Hat the ride

Seuss Trolley

Jurassic World



Iwerks Entertainment : Cinetropolis

BRC:  Space Center Bremen, Germany

Space Center

Bremen, Germany


Starlight Bar : Concept Sketches, Elevations, Sections

Red Rock Cafe Elevation through Dining and ISS Servery 

Elevation through ISS Seating

Space Center Bremen, Germany Retail  + Dining

StarTrek : The Experience

Theater Design  ( Copyright BRC)

Theater Design

Concept Design:   Children's Themed Furnishings

Concepts were created for Paramount Studios IP Richard Scarry

Concept Design : Richard Scarry  TM - Character Children's Furniture

M + O + M  

Museum of Mars 

Concept Renderings : M + O + M


Red Rock Cafe featuring Hydroponic sustainable foods

Red Rock Cafe: Servery reusing ISS parts

Museum of Mars Los Angeles Concept Rendering 

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