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Seda B Saar, (she her/ hers) is a British educated Artist and Interior Designer and veteran industry professional with over two and half decades of experience designing and directing a variety of architectural environments for themed interiors, dining and retail, show-set and attraction design, combining her knowledge as a California Certified Interior Designer, Production Designer, and a Fine Artist in the diverse mediums of Painting, Photography as well as Sculpture and Installation. After three decades of work as a concept designer she is now following her passion in Art.

As a freelance concept designer  and artist she occasionally works with many experts in the field, and enjoys collaborations with other creatives.

Focused on communicating ideas through form and material with simplicity and poetic expression, Seda’s work nods to minimalist aesthetics, simplicity in shapes, new technologies and durability.


Art Commissions: Paintings, Sculpture, Photography, Mixed Media, Installation, Public Art.

Interior Design 

Creating efficient and modern environments for private residences, retail, restaurants, bars, corporate offices, boutique hotels, themed entertainment, and attraction design.

Every project, big or small, is built on the foundation of our “3 T Rule”: Tasteful. Tailored. Timeless.

• Space planning via scaled design drawings using latest CAD and BIM technology

• Rendering/ digital walk-thru , solar studies

• Color/texture/surface selections

• Kitchen and Bathroom remodel designs

• Design concept plans for new construction and remodeling

• Detailed cabinetry layouts and designs

• Lighting and electrical plans – for design purposes

• Custom furnishings, millwork, lighting and accessories

• New and vintage furnishing and lighting procurement

• Hardware selections

• Window treatments

• Custom art pieces

• Custom art installations

• Accessorizing

Graphic Design:

Logos, environment design, wayfinding, banners, social media design, app design icons.


Inspiration comes from both day-to-day life and deep analytical thinking, from happy accidents, materials, functions and unsolved problems as well as almost 3 decades of being an artist and designer.

We are always looking to do new things and love commissions and interiors for their collaborative nature.

We are also happy to accommodate custom requests for our product range, from custom sizes to different finishes and materials- Please get in touch and we will get in contact with you shortly about pricing and shipping.


For design industry professionals, please contact us below for trade pricing for your project.

We are always on the hunt for new stores to carry our goods. If you are interested in carrying our designs, please contact us below.

Contact us to discuss your project requirements: Contact us or Email us

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